“To progress and to have fun.” – Interview with Timothée Loudiere, Men’s Head Coach

“To progress and to have fun.” – Interview with Timothée Loudiere, Men’s Head Coach

From Player to Coach: Timothée Loudiere Talks About His New Role at Chelsea Handball Club

In the world of sports, transitions are as inevitable as they are exciting. And in a surprising turn of events, Timothée Loudiere, the man who used to dazzle us on the handball court as a player, has now stepped into the role of head coach for Chelsea Handball Club. We sat down with him for an exclusive interview to get the inside scoop on his journey from player to coach, his coaching style, objectives for the year, and a special message for the fans.

The Unexpected Transition

When asked about his transition from player to coach, Timothée couldn’t help but chuckle. “It was not really something planned,” he admitted, “but when I celebrated my birthday, I thought that at 49 it was maybe time to retire and leave some space for the younger generation. So here we are.”

His humility and easygoing demeanor shone through as he expressed his excitement for the coming year. “It will be different for sure. Different role, different responsibilities, but the same guys, so it should be great.”

All Smooth So Far

So, how has it been so far in his new role? Timothée responded confidently, “I think it is going well so far. We had good attendance and keep focusing on the preseason preparation.” He also highlighted his prior experience with the Women’s team last year, where he supported the head coach. “He is my Pep Guardiola,” Timothée quipped. “I already had a few months to get prepared as I started coaching the guys in March. And I know the guys quite well, so it is a smooth transition.”

The Coaching Philosophy

When we asked about his coaching style, Timothée was refreshingly honest. “No real coaching style,” he said with a grin. “First, we will adapt depending on the players we have.” He stressed the importance of defense in winning games and promised to focus on the defensive and physical aspects of the game.

Moreover, he emphasized the club’s values, including respect and camaraderie, as crucial. “This is the most important,” he said with conviction.


"Let’s try to go as far as we can for both teams."

Setting Objectives for the Year

What are the objectives for Timothée and his team this year? “We will try to have fun together and progress,” he explained. “Let’s try to go as far as we can for both teams.” While he didn’t lay out fixed objectives just yet, he expressed his desire to secure a playoff spot this year. “Last year, we were not that far from the playoffs. I would be happy if this year we can secure it.”

A Special Message for the Fans

As our conversation wrapped up, Timothée had some heartfelt words for the fans. “Come in numbers,” he urged, “we will try our best to offer you some good handball. We need your encouragements; remember how we managed to turn some games thanks to you last year.”

With Timothée Loudiere at the helm, Chelsea Handball Club is in for an exciting season ahead. As he embraces his new role with enthusiasm and a passion for the sport, fans can expect a fantastic journey filled with goals, defenses, and, most importantly, the spirit of togetherness. So, mark your calendars, get your jerseys ready, and let’s cheer for Chelsea Handball Club this year!

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