First weekend of competition: Different luck for our teams

First weekend of competition: Different luck for our teams

Weekend Highlights: Women Shine, Men Face Tough Challenge

In a thrilling first weekend of handball competition, Chelsea Handball Club showcased what they’ve been working on in both the Women’s Regional League and the Premier League.

The women’s team, Chelsea’s Women 2, started the day with a resounding victory over Arctic Falcons, while the men’s team, Chelsea’s Men 1, faced a fierce battle against West London Eagles.

Let’s dive into the exciting details of these two intense encounters.

You can watch the whole Men 1 game here and more photos of Women 2 here.

Photos credit: Ricky Cheung

Chelsea’s Women 2 Dominate in Style

The Women’s Regional League clash saw Chelsea’s Women 2 taking on Arctic Falcons, and the home team left no room for disappointment. In a match characterized by the determination of both sides, Chelsea’s Women 2 emerged victorious with a final score of 32-24.

The game was a significant milestone for Chelsea’s Women 2, as the team consisted of ten girls, with two fresh faces making their debut. Lisa, the top scorer of the day, delivered a remarkable performance by netting nine goals, closely followed by the impressive new recruit, Rania, who contributed seven goals to the scoreboard.

However, it wasn’t just the attackers who shone. Goalkeeper Kristina was named the Most Valuable Player for her stellar performance in the net, pulling off spectacular saves that kept the opposition at bay. What’s even more impressive is that, in true team spirit, all but one player managed to find the back of the net.

Coach Jennifer had the honor of leading the team in a game for the very first time, and she certainly set the tone for a promising season ahead. The match started out neck and neck, but as Chelsea’s players got comfortable with each other, they pulled ahead, leading by three going into halftime. They extended their lead further in the second half.

Arctic Falcons, on the other hand, faced a challenging situation with only seven players and three injuries throughout the game. Two of their players valiantly continued despite their ailments, but a twisted ankle in the second half left them at a numerical disadvantage for a significant part of the match.

Chelsea’s Men 1’s Battle of Resilience

In the Premier League showdown, Chelsea’s Men 1 took on West London Eagles in a game that had spectators on the edge of their seats. The final score, 22-19 in favor of West London Eagles, doesn’t quite capture the intensity of the contest.

It was the first official game with Tim Loudiere at the helm as coach, and despite a few injuries and last-minute absences, the team displayed incredible resilience. The defense was rock solid, bolstered by stellar performances from goalkeepers Karim and Alann.

The match didn’t start favorably for Chelsea, who found themselves trailing 5-1 early on. However, they quickly found their rhythm and managed to keep the game tight, heading into halftime only two goals behind.

The second half was a rollercoaster ride. Chelsea surged ahead, taking a two-goal lead with 15 minutes to go. The crowd roared with anticipation, but a stellar performance from the West London Eagles’ goalkeeper and a series of individual errors allowed the opponents to regain control.

The last 10 minutes were despairing for Chelsea, with only one goal scored in more than 10 attempts. However, this valiant display sets the stage for what promises to be an enthralling season.

Focus on the next one

The focus is now on the next game for both Chelsea’s Women 2 and Men 1, as they look to build on their experiences and continue their journey


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