Two rounds completed: the UPs and DOWNs

Two rounds completed: the UPs and DOWNs

Two rounds completed: the UPs and DOWNs

As the new handball season kicks off, Chelsea Handball Club finds itself on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, with each team offering a unique story in the opening rounds of the competition.

Scroll below to read our review of our teams in their competitions so far.

(Check all results and next matches here.)

The UP: Men 2’s Impressive Start

The Men’s 2 team has undoubtedly been the star of the show, continuing their campaign with a thrilling victory over Bishop Stortford, securing a narrow 20-19 win in the final moments of the game. They continued their winning streak in style, after taking down West London Eagles 2 in the first round with an impressive score of 33-25.

Their determination and teamwork are clearly paying off, as well as the highly competitive but healthy environment in practices, always playing head to head against Men 1, and consolidating the learnings together as one team.


The ..not so UP: Men 1 and Women 1 Facing Early Challenges

On the other end of the spectrum, both Chelsea Men 1 and Women 1 have had a challenging start to the season, with two consecutive losses each.

Chelsea Men 1 faced a tough battle against West London Eagles in their first game, ultimately falling short with a score of 22-19 after being in the lead midway into the second half, letting the win escape after scoring only 1 goal in the last 10 minutes.

They then encountered London GD, clear favourite to win the Premier League this year, who proved to be a formidable opponent with a 34-20 victory, giving no chance to the boys in blue. (Watch the second half of the game here)

Chelsea Women 1 faced similar struggles, succumbing to a powerful London GD side with a score of 36-22. (Watch the whole game here)

Their next match against West London Eagles was a thrilling contest that ended 32-24 in favor of the Eagles.


Although our teams play to win in every match and have the level to compete against any team in the country, it’s important to mention that they’ve both faced two of the top clubs in the UK and these results are not necessarily a reason to worry or say much about the quality of our teams, as the competition has just started.

Both teams are undoubtedly stronger than ever, working hard, eager to bounce back in the upcoming rounds.


In between… Women 2: A Tale of Contrasts

The Women’s 2 team opened their season on a high note with a categorical victory.

However, their journey took a challenging turn when they faced West London Eagles 2 and suffered a tough loss, with a final score of 34-11.

The Women’s 2 team will look to regain their momentum as they continue in the competition.



With a weekend break to regroup and recharge, Chelsea Handball Club’s focus now shifts to the upcoming games on November 11th.

Chelsea Men 1 and Women 1 will be eager to turn their fortunes around as they face Olympia, aiming to secure their first wins of the season. Meanwhile, Men 2 will go head-to-head with Arctic Falcons, hoping to extend their winning streak. The Women’s 2 team will also be looking for redemption as they strive to bounce back with a strong performance.

The season is just beginning, and with the dedication and talent of Chelsea Handball Club, there’s no doubt that these early challenges will only fuel the fire for a successful campaign ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting handball action! 🤾‍♂️🤾‍♀️


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