We’re back to business! – First practices indoor

We’re back to business! – First practices indoor

Men and Women teams start their indoor practices

After some (joyful) weeks doing purely physical condition at Battersea Park, both Men and Women teams have now started the “real” practices.

Goal posts in place and balls bouncing again, the season has officially started and although still very focused on the physical part, both Men and Women practices already included game situation, which everyone missed more than anything else (more than the abs and burpees for sure).

Lead by coaches Carlos for the Women and Tim for the Men, both sessions had a very good attendance for a first session of the year, showing the motivation and eagerness of both our teams to do even better this year.

For the Men side, it was also what we can call “Media Day” (but a low-cost version), with individual photos taken to each player, as well as a short interview with coach Tim, but more on that on the next posts.

Let’s go Chelsea!

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