Head Coach

Personal Details

Place of birth


Date of birth



1.77m (taller than Alann)


Joined the club


Former Position



Men 1

Previous Club

INT Handball (FRA), PUC (FRA), Lorient HBC (FRA), Evry HB (FRA)


Young Timtim started playing handball during the previous century.

He had a dream… To play in Premier League !

In the local club of Lorient, he pushed himself to the limit to touch the sky. And all I can say is that his development was breathtaking.

During this whole journey, Young Timtim was supported by his parents and his older brother, who were also playing handball.

After 3 years of practice, he finally managed to reach his first milestone: He scored his first goal during a game! What an own goal!! I can tell you that nobody forgot this moment in the club!

Few weeks later, after long discussions with the coaches and few tactical adjustments, he managed to score his first goal for his team… The machina was launched !

After 6 years, he finally managed to make his first pass to a teammate. Following this event, he decided that he would become a playmaker!

When Young Timtim reached adulthood, he decided to move to Paris to learn more about life (and also study). In the city of love, he played for several years with the local teams of Evry, INT Handball, PUC handball..

Finally, not so young anymore Timtim, decided to move to the UK and to learn English. He joined the Handball club of Chelsea which would become a new family.

After a year spent fighting with his nemesis, Costo Chondritis, the infamous Greek player, he decided to take a step back and retired from Handball at the young age of 31.

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